Our office was founded by the late Mr. Takehisa Itoh in 1967 as “Itoh Patent Office”.
  Our steady work has been highly evaluated since the foundation and got the great faith from various internal clients as well as foreign, especially German traditional clients. Our clerical staffs are familiar with English and German language and can correspond by e-mail etc. promptly.
  We have handled a wide range of inventions, such as photocopier, snow-plow, concrete pump vehicle, car parts like suspension and internal combustion engine, mowing machine, aircraft engine, printed circuit board, power semiconductor, EUV radiation device, microscope, endoscope, game machine, screw machine, drilling tool, sewing machine, pigment, mascara and owning.
  Also we have applied for a variety of designs such as wheel and car and lots of trademarks having various marks.
  At present, our office is named “Itoh Fujita & Partners” and located at a site near Shinjuku Gyoen that is plenty of trees and easy to access the center of Tokyo like Shinjuku.
  At present we have connections with Europe, especially Germany and Africa, especially South Africa etc. and we can help the internal clients get the intellectual property in Europe etc.
  We will do best as an expert who contributes to the intellectual activities of all the clients and keep everlastingly prosperous along with the clients.